Unpleasant smell of corruption in Deurali drinking water project, blame between project builder and consumer committee

Asar  30. Janata Voice Correspondent, Ramechhap

Ramechhap municipality ward no.2  of the Ramechhap district, there is a bad smell of corruption in the working style of the Phalante river Hulakchaur Drinking Water and Sanitation/cleaning  Project under construction in the district.

The construction of this drinking water project, which started on Asar 17, 2073 BS, has not been completed even after four years. The project of Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Fund Development Committee Funboard at a cost of more than Rs 6.6 million and Rs 1 crore 1 lakh 22 thousand including local labor has been neglected till today.

When Funboard was looking for a local NGO to work on its investment, Ramechhap’s well-known NGO was successful in getting the project started. It is the Community Development Society CDS.

When the work of the project started, the people of Deurali, who were disturbed by the problem of drinking water, jumped for joy. But even four years after the start of the project, no water has fallen from the project, as the  proverb everything ends in smoke.

Three bodies in particular are responsible for the completion of this project. For this, the Consumer Committee of the project, Community Development Society CDS on behalf of the local NGO and the Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Fund Development Committee Funboard. Taking responsibility for the construction of this project, these three organizations have agreed to each other. However, Deurali dwellers  have felt that there is something wrong  in the drinking water project as water has not been able to come from this project till date.

The project site is chaotic. About 1,500 meters of GI pipe has been laid. Phalante River, where the water collection tank of the project has been constructed, is  visible to the naked eye as it has not been constructed by fulfilling any formal criteria. What’s more interesting is that the tank seems to have been built about 2 feet higher than the place where the water source is. Looking at the tank built on the banks of the river, it is certain that the tank will be flooded whenever it rains during the rainy season.

The main responsibility for making this project lies with the Project Construction Consumer Committee and another responsible body is also CDS. The most important materials of the project, which have been neglected for the last four years, have been abandoned on the hills above the Fhalante river, which seems to be of no use even if the project is to be built now.

Locals say that Rs 3,600 was raised from 183 house for the construction of the drinking water project. What is more interesting is that local consumer Shushil Bakhrel insists that the project was completed by pouring water from a spring into a tank at the time of completion of the project. He says, ‘The people of Deurali are facing a lot of problems due to lack of drinking water. In such a situation, CDS has forgotten its commitment made to Deurali dwellers  yesterday. There has been a lot of corruption by shirking one’s responsibilities. As we have repeatedly talked to CDS about this issue but no response has been given, we will now take this subject matter to the concerned body for justice. ‘

Another local, Purna Bahadur Basnet, has alleged that the water from the local Kafletar would be poured into the top tank of the project for half an hour and the final installment amount would be withdrawn by submitting the completed report to the funboard. “There is definitely corruption here,” Basnet said angrily. Whether it is CDS, consumer committee or people’s representative. Corruption has taken place but we do not know who did it. Even my daughters worked for 29 days. I paid Rs 3,600 but no water came.

The condition of the pipes and tanks that have been laid from the mouth of the Fhalante River to Deuralidanda seems to be deteriorating. The pipe is laid for laying. The condition of the supports used to press the pipe in the middle is even more chaotic. In the middle, the pipes are broken.

Local Tika Pariyar was pregnant when the project started. Even when she was pregnant, Tika did her best to ensure that she could easily get drinking water in her own house. But today, Tika’s daughter is able to walk, but there is no water in Tika’s house yet. She said that even pregnant women have to walk  themselves for two hours to reach the water source.

Khilak Raj Karki of Deurali blames CDS for neglecting the project. He is pointing fingers at the working style of  CDS. He has alleged that drinking water could not reach the homes of the consumers today as the consumer committee of the project did not know how to work.

Local Kusum Nepali has been given the post of treasurer in Phalante river Hulakchaur  Drinking  Water and Sanitation Project. Secretary Arjun Poudel has been doing all her work. How did this treasurer, who left her job to others, account for the project? feeling irritate  even when thinking  about it. The Chairman and Secretary of the Consumers’ Committee are still holding the post without responsibility  in their hands.

Now listen to the words of Jit Bahadur Karki, Chairman of the Consumer Committee. Listening to him, it seems that he is still a suckling baby lying on his mother’s lap. But he is the chairman of the drinking water project. He speaks of the fact that he has been made chairman by others and that he has not taken much responsibility. Although he is the chairman, according to him, the secretary of the consumer committee, CDS employee Kamal Yonjan and ward chairman Nir Bahadur Shrestha have forced  him in this responsibility .

Arjun Poudel is the secretary of the consumer committee formed for this project. Like the name, his vision and its construction could not reach Arjun Drishti. He also alleges that he did not know anything about the project and that all the blame lies with CDS. Now listen to an unworthy example of his verse arrogance.

The more this secretary makes himself innocent, the more their true face is revealed. From time to time, thieves have become accustomed to extracting ghee by bending their fingers. Look at the his giving the cheque . And how much fun is it, how much has he paid for the work he did and the payment  he made? Everything has gone his way. You are watching the video. The audience, look at him , he  has not kept the OC of the canceled cheque, nor has it reimbursed the people who have paid the amount.

There is another interesting aspect of this drinking water project. That is, the workers working in this project have not been paid yet. Sitaram Roka, a labourer who was constructing the project, says that he was upset that he was not even paid for his work. The sad story of other workers like Roka is no less painful.

The Ramechhap Municipality has clarified that it has not paid any amount for the Phalante river Hulakchaur Drinking Water and Sanitation Project. Chief Administrative Officer of Ramechhap Municipality Dipendra Poudel said that no amount has been paid for the project since he became the Chief Administrative Officer. Poudel has responded that he can find out if any amount has been paid before him. Madan Subedi, Accounts Officer of Ramechhap Municipality, also said that they have not paid any amount for the project in the current fiscal year.

We had requested the Community Development Society (CDS) to provide various 5-point written information related to the project but CDS has not been able to provide adequate information. According to CDS,he will provide it after  the meeting of the concerned consumer committee and their meeting will be held on Asar 29 after the involvement of us.

Whether the meeting is held on Asar 29 or not, we will present the official opinion of CDS and our understanding of this project as a follow-up report.file Photo