Government’s decision to allow public transport to operate

Asar 25,Kathmandu.

The government has decided to allow public transport to operate. During today’s press briefing, government spokesperson Dr. Yuvaraj Khatiwada said that public transport operators can operate the transport by fulfilling the safety standards. According to him, in the case of Kathmandu, it will be allowed to operate only within the valley and in the case of outside, only within the concerned district. Minister Khatiwada said that it has been decided to open the bus with only 50 percent passengers as per the seat capacity of the public bus.

Minister Khatiwada said that even if taxis could run immediately, it would take time to prepare for other public transport. Taxis will also have to operate only within the Kathmandu Valley and outside the respective districts. Only two people except the driver will be able to board the taxi.

Maintaining social distance in public transport will allow half of the seat capacity and only one person in a row of seats. Sanitizers must be kept at the door and passengers must wear masks.

The driver and co-driver will have to wear masks as well as   visors and gloves. There will also need to disinfect the bus once a day.
As long as only half of the passengers board the bus, they will be able to get 50 percent more fare. Now you will have to pay extra half of the current fare for public transport.file Photo

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