Ministry of Education to facilitate if schools want to open: Instructions to teachers to attend school compulsorily

Shrawan 04,

Kathmandu.  Teachers working in community schools have to reach the school where they work by the second week of Shrawan. Even though there is no environments for immediate opening of schools and direct interact in the presence of teachers and students, all the teachers have to be present in the schools where they are working. Joint Secretary and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Deepak Sharma, said that arrangements were being made for all the teachers to reach the schools as there were complaints that the school environment was not conducive to the preparation and alternative learning campaign. A new arrangement is being made for teachers after complaints were received that online classes could not be conducted in many community  schools and even teachers did not reach the schools.

The government has come under pressure to take a policy decision in this regard after complaints that more than 175,000 teachers working in community schools have availed government facilities but teachers could not even attend school. The ministry has also clarified that no plan has been made so far as to when the school will reopen.

He said that it would be decided by the modality of the lockdown to be taken by the government in the coming days. He said that in case any local level or school wants to open a school, the ministry will facilitate the pre-preparation. The Ministry is finalizing the criteria required for that.file Photo

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